Our Members

Today nine organizations make up the Homewood Collaborative. Each has its own leadership and agenda, yet each has agreed to support and participate in the Collaborative’s comprehensive plan, working together as a cohesive team. They have developed a series of agreements to do so because they will have a far greater impact together than they can have individually, and they will each benefit from access to greater funding and management expertise.

The leadership of the Collaborative is also committed to creating a fully inclusive planning environment that provides all members of the community with an opportunity to contribute.


The non-profits that comprise the Collaborative are:


  • building-united-of-southwest-pa

    Building United of Southwest PA

    BUSP is Pennsylvania 501 ©3 non-profit Corporation with a mission to assist low-moderate income persons acquire quality affordable housing. The organization represents an innovative...

  • community-empowerment-association

    Community Empowerment Association

    Community Empowerment Association Inc. (CEA) was organized by Mr. T. Rashad Byrdsong in 1994 to address the needs of the children, youth, adults, and...

  • homewood-brushton-community-ministries

    Homewood Brushton Community Ministries

    Homewood Brushton Community Ministries is and association of pastors who are united by our faith in Christ and whose respect, hope and pride in...

  • homewood-childrens-village

    Homewood Children’s Village

    The mission of the Homewood Children’s Village (HCV) is to improve the lives of Homewood’s children and simultaneously reweave the fabric of the community...

  • homewood-brushton-business-association

    Homewood-Brushton Business Association

    The mission of the Homewood-Brushton Business Association (HBBA) is to foster the development and growth of the Homewood-Brushton Business Community, thus enhancing its visibility...

  • operation-better-block

    Operation Better Block

    The mission of Operation Better Block, Inc. is to strategize, organize and mobilize, block by block, to benefit the Homewood Community. We do this...

  • race-street-2050-inc

    Race Street 2050 Inc.

    On the afternoon of July 31, 2008, two men were killed in the 7600 block of Race Street by gunmen who ran out of...

  • ymca-homewood-brushton

    YMCA Homewood-Brushton

    The Homewood-Brushton YMCA was founded in 1914 and held its first meetings at a church at the corner of Bennett Street and Homewood Avenue....

  • ywca


    YWCA Greater Pittsburgh is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. YWCA envisions a community that...